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What is the price of a septic installation for a 3-bedroom mobile home (or a

3-bedroom home)?

As of 9/29/19 the smallest and cheapest septic you can install runs about


Generally, that price is correct throughout the State with some exceptions.

If you have bad soil the price goes up because we need more space for a

larger drainfield.

A larger drainfield necessitates more styrofoam and peanut--which is the

cheapest option at this time.

Another caveat is the steepness of the slope.  Up in the mountains, if a

system must be hand dug, that adds significantly to the cost--think double or


I can't know if you are looking at hand digging actually see the site.

Rock can be an issue in parts of the State.  Rock can eliminate your ability

to install a "cheap" system.  Unfortunately there is no way to determine the

cost if there is significant bedrock until after the county permits the site.

In Jackson County we have pretty good soil.

It is rare that a site won't perc in Jackson County.

If your lot is really small that will raise the price.

An aside: For conventional septic I work within two counties of my "home"


I am located in Jackson County (Cullowhee), 
Cleveland County (Lawndale),

and Beaufort County (Blounts Creek).

Conventional septic is rock and pipe, plastic chambers and Styrofoam

peanut wrapped around corrugated pipe.

Conventional septic also includes pump systems

(tanks) which do not require an operator.

If you have an operator you know

it because they are on contract with you.

If you have an operator generally you should call them for assistance first.

For alternative, advanced pre-treatment and engineered systems I work the

entire State.

Alternative systems are fill, mound, sand lined trench and permeable panel

block system.

Advanced pre-treatment is an expensive piece of septic equipment in-lieu of

or after the septic tank.

Engineered systems are generally only used for larger systems or very

difficult sites.

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