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How often should I perform maintenance on my distribution box?

You need to level your distribution box (d-box) once per year.

Unfortunately North Carolina does not adequately train installers, or pumpers, about this necessary task.

In a tilted d-box, the liquid from the tank flows down one drainfield line.

It only takes 1/16th of an inch of tilt to alter the liquid flow in a d-box.

This overuses one part of the drainfield and underuses the other parts.

This results in premature drainfield failure.

Here is where you can save yourself a lot of money: In the spring—after the ground has thawed, get out your gardening tools and dig up and readjust your d-box.

You want to re-level it with a little extra dirt underneath OR you can adjust your speed levelers.

If you really want to do it right, set it on a bed of washed gravel that goes down below the frost line.

This will help stop the shifting that is occurring from the freeze-thaw cycle.

You can buy a level at the dollar store for a dollar.

You can buy speed levelers on Amazon.

You can get washed gravel at the quarry or a big box store.

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