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What is the best way to stop erosion from rain on a new septic installation

on the side of a mountain? 
I am looking at installing silt fence in a

J-pattern.  I wanted to know if you had any other suggestions.  The septic

 installation is in Cullowhee, NC overlooking Lake Glenville.  The slope is

about 20-25 degree slope.  (
I asked this question to Jackson County's erosion

control officer with the office of land development and planning.)  

Mr. Sarratt your thoughts to use a silt fence in a J-pattern are correct (The

EPA has a nice guide on installing silt fence and describes the J-pattern.)

Download it>

Normally you do not need to use the following technique, but
if the silt

begins to collect water at a low point and is in danger of being

breached you need to reduce the stress on the fence.

To reduce the stress, place #57 gravel one foot to the left and one foot to

the right of the stressed area.  Next cut the fence in the stressed area to let

the water run through.  The gravel will effectively filter the sediment in the


You will have to seed this area two times.  This winter use winter rye, wheat

or barley; they all work about the same.  Then in the spring you will need to

reseed with something more permanent.  Use fescue or Kentucky bluegrass.

We have had problems with turkeys eating grass seed after it is sown.

  In this area the turkeys have learned to associate the hydroseed trucks

with food.  They will follow the
trucks down the highway so they can pick

out the seed.

To stop the turkeys from eating the seed I recommend you put down the

seed first then cover it with seed starter mat and staples.  Loose hay is not

as useful  because the seed is more accessible to the turkeys and a strong

wind can blow your hay and seed away.

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