Sarratt Septic


~Septic installation and repair: $150/hr + parts cost
     Clearing brush to get to the septic system is an additional fee.

~Job quote
     Cleared site: Free
          A quote includes 1-2 hours of site layout.  This is standard in the industry.
     Difficult site: $75/hr
          Cutting back rhododendrons to stake out (flag) a septic drainfield
          Cutting back briars and brush
          Staking out multiple drainfields on a property

~Fiberglass septic tank repair: $150/hr + expenses + equipment costs for excavation
      Job quote: Free

~Operations contracts:
      Contract quote: Free
      Face-to-face education about your system: Free (even if I have to make a special visit)
      $150 per service visit and up
      Systems with multiple advanced components and larger systems can be hundreds per service visit
~Septic tank pumping:
do not do this.  All the pumpers in the State are listed on an Excel spreadsheet by county on my pumping

Yearly maintenance (septic): $125
Determine if tank needs to be pumped (check scum & sludge levels), clean the filter 
      Digging—up to the knee is free after that it is an additional $100 per foot

~Yearly distribution box maintenance (leveling): $50
      Digging—up to the knee is free after that it is an additional $100 per foot

~Inspection (septic): $400-$600
      Pre-home sales inspection of a septic system
Like a home inspection, but specific to the septic system
      Tank pumping strongly recommended, additional fee of $200-$500+

        Post-installation inspection of a septic system
      Used when there are problems with a new system

      Used to double check the quality of an installation

        Tank pumping may be recommended, additional fee of $200-$500+

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