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My septic guy/gal told me that my tank flooded.

What does this mean?

It means that the water level in the tank rose above the normal water level.

Your septic person, usually a pumper, noticed a new high water line inside

the tank when the system was inspected or pumped.  Flood events are also

indicated by dried septage on the top of baffles and inlet or outlet pipes.

You can also note flood events from dirt rivulets around the lip of the

tank's lid.  Dirt rivulets are an indication that waterlogged ground caused

dirt suspended in water to make its way into the tank.

A flooded septic tank can be nothing or it can indicate a need for further

examination or maybe repairs.

Septic tanks flood when:

~The d
rainfield is at the end of its life.  In other words, the soil is no longer

able to accept wastewater and as a result liquid backs up in to the tank.

~There have been recent heavy rains.

I have an article specifically on this subject.

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~Your tanks filter needs to be cleaned.

Normally you clean a filter every year or two.

If you have not been doing this necessary maintenance task it is good to

start.  All you do is rinse the filter off with a hose into the first compartment.

It takes about thirty minutes.

~Something else is blocking the outlet such as toilet paper, grease or solids.

I even know one instance where a two-by-four was blocking a septic

tank's outlet pipe.

The piece of wood would float up and block the pipe.

Then the tank would flood and septage would backup into the house.

A plumber was then called, but by the time they got there enough water

had trickled out that the two-by-four would start floating again.

The tank would then function normally with no backup problem and no

obvious plumbing problem.

This backup cycle happened over and over until my plumber friend

decided to look in the septic tank.

He saw the two-by-four floating by and removed it.

No more problems.

As it turns out someone had a resentment against the homeowner and had

mischievously placed the piece of wood in the tank.



If you are told you need major repairs, such as a new drainfield, there is

nothing wrong with getting a second opinion.

The county environmental health office--"the septic police", can give you a

good unbiased opinion.

If you really do need repairs the county must approve them anyway and

write a permit before an installer can proceed.

In most counties repair permits are free.

By the way, do not let a person install a drainfield without a permit.

I know of counties that have made homeowners remove work installed

without a permit.


But, they rule the roost.

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