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Can I help you install my septic system to offset the cost?

Yes, but we've got some problems (this is North Carolina).

When I am the certified septic contractor on the permit, you are not allowed

to work on the septic system when I am not present.

Not kidding.

North Carolina's septic laws do not allow me to let anyone work on a septic

system for which I am the contractor unless the person is my W-2 employee.

If I hire tradesmen or subcontractors to do work for me, for example to dig

the trenches, I must be present the entire time they are working.

Here are the relevant sections of law:

§ 90A-72. Certification required; applicability.

(a) Certification Required. – No person shall construct, install, or repair or

offer to construct, install, or repair an on-site wastewater system permitted

under Article 11 of Chapter 130A of the General Statutes

without being certified as a contractor at the required level of certification

for the specified system.

(b) Applicability. – This Article does not apply to the following:

(1) A person who is employed by a certified contractor or inspector in

connection with the construction, installation, repair, or inspection of an

on-site wastewater system performed under the direct

and personal supervision of the certified contractor or inspector in charge.

Additionally, each year certification holders attest to the following

statement as part of the renewal process:

I am aware that only the certification holder, company owner(s) or W2

employees may work under the certification held.

Furthermore, by my signature below I hereby affirm that no one other than

those stated here have been allowed or shall be allowed to install or inspect

using this certification.

If I go down the road to get lunch or even a cup of coffee it is better to bring

 you with me as you must stop working until I get back.

Not kidding.

So, I don't mind using you as my helper to offset some of the costs,

but it is not going to save you the kind of money you are hoping for.

That is just the honest to God brutal truth.

Honestly, if this was a different State, you could probably save hundreds to

over a thousand by doing most of the work with my occasional monitoring.

But not in North Carolina.

It is what it is.

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