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Can I install my own septic system?

Yes, but your options are limited in North Carolina.

This is going to make you cuss: Homeowners are not allowed to install any

type of septic system except rock (gravel) and pipe.

If you want to use plastic chambers--like Infiltrator, you need to be a

Grade II installer
(I'm a Grade IV by the way).

If you use Large Diameter Pipe (LDP) you need to be a Grade II installer.

If the septic permit for your site is for a pump tank you need to be a Grade

II installer.


I don't make the rules.

I just break hearts by spelling them out.

In North Carolina they've got you by the cojones.

If you decide to install your own rock and pipe system I do offer consultation

services to guide homeowners.

This option works well if you rent an excavator (steep slope)

or a backhoe (cheaper and okay for flat installations) for a week.

If you are digging a house foundation, doing your driveway or pushing over

trees this can be a good use of your time and money.

For this option I would not be the septic contractor on the permit.

You would be on the septic permit.

You would install the system under the homeowner exemption declaration.

A rock and pipe system does cost more than a plastic chamber system, but

you get greater longevity with rock and pipe.

I personally think it is ridiculous that homeowners cannot install plastic

chambers on their own.

They are easier to install than rock and pipe in my opinion.

You just snap them together; its almost like Legos.

I have spoken with county environmental health directors who think the

same way.

It is what it is.

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