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Will jetting my septic system's lines rehabilitate my drainfield?

Yes and I don't recommend it.

At one time I considered investing in a jetter, but after talking to 

environmental health employees
I dropped the idea.

They noted that, from their experience, jetted lines lasted about two years

and then clogged again.

After hearing this from two different counties I dropped the idea.

So, with jetting, you takes your chances.

If jetting was recommended as a drainfield fix I would want a money back


How long is the money back guarantee good for?

Two years?

So in three years I need to jet the lines again?  Really?!?

You could jet the lines three or four times and buy a new drainfield.

If jetting is really going to fix the drainfield you should get at least five


And why not ten years?

It did rehabilitate or fix the drainfield.  Correct?

If you are going to use jetting, do your homework and ask lots of questions

and get any guarantees in writing.

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