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Septic systems were never intended for lifetime use without maintenance.  Neglecting maintenance of system components only leads to failures. When properly designed, installed, and maintained, septic systems have a minimum life expectancy of 20 to 30 years.

~ Pipeline – Winter 2005; Vol.16, No.1e, Pg. 2

I recommend system maintenance yearly (ideally), every-other-year or every-three-years depending on your tank's size and usage.

Maintenance consists of:

1) Digging up the lids

2) Cleaning the tank's filter

3) Adjusting the distribution box (if you have one)

4) Determining if the tank needs to be pumped (check the scum and sludge levels)

5) Arranging pumping service if necessary. Pumping is an additional fee.  Usually $200-$500 depending on your tank size and location.

After one or two maintenance calls I can usually help you estimate how often to pump your tank.  Most tanks need pumping every 3-5 years depending on their size and the amount of usage.

You are welcome to watch me, ask questions, take notes, take pictures and take video so you can perform your own maintenance in future years.  

System maintenance is much easier than people think.  Honestly, if you like working in the yard, yearly septic tank maintenance is not that much more work than breaking a sweat doing gardening—with a little more stink.

I have detailed four different ways to help you determine when your tank needs to be pumped.

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