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What are your specialties

Besides your standard septic installation and repair...

1) Septic pump tanks (systems).
  I use a specific process when

troubleshooting pump systems.

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2) Operations of alternative and advanced pre-treatment septic systems.

These are systems for which you need a subsurface operator and a contract.

3) Keeping the trees.

This came about from the installation at my own house and through a

conversation with a septic instructor.

He said, “If you can help people keep their trees you'll be a millionaire.”

I have developed a number of strategies to work around trees with septic


4) Odor remediation (removal).

5) Professionally arguing with county and State officials.

This usually occurs when the client wants a cheaper septic system than

what was permitted at the site—sometimes there is wiggle room here and

honestly, sometimes there is not.

To do this I go over the property extensively if necessary and bring in

data—probings, alternative site plans and pictures.

I also point out the State statutes and administrative codes to the county

when necessary.

What I am looking for is within the law, its just

that someone failed to find it or look at the site that way.

And when I find it and other people see it they can then see that a cheaper

site was there that others missed.

6) Alternative system layout.  Environmental health specialists (septic

permit people) usually don't examine the entire property for septic system

possibilities, nor do septic installers.  When asked, I will map out and

examine the entire property.

This results in locations and ideas for septic systems that may not have been


7) Design.  This includes both site layout and septic system design.  It is

possible that a larger system may need to be designed by an engineer.

When this happens I will explain it to you and make a referral.

8) Troubleshooting really odd or bizarre problems.  No charge if I can't fix

the issue.  These are problems that other septic people have walked away

from or have no idea how to fix.  I like problems like this.  Many of these

problems have multiple causes.

9) Concrete fabrication

10) Concrete repair

11) Fiberglass repair

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