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My Story: How I Happened Upon The Septic Business

I used to be a community college teacher.

I ran a program that educated substance abuse counselors.

It was a good job.

Through a twist of fate, I left that job and started building my own home.

My initial thought was to build a little....

I mean a little....

250 square foot house and put a outhouse outside.

My father convinced me otherwise.

He suggested that I get a septic tank.

Such modern conviences!

Then I thought about all the people that would come over and be disgusted by the use of an outhouse.

So I changed my plans and decided to "splurge" on a septic system.

I am glad I did.

Because my—"unknown to me at that time future fiance", wouldn't have gone for that shit either.

I also had to make my house plans bigger.

I decided to put my little hovel at a less-steep-than-the-other-steep-parts of the property.

And the septic system thusly downhill.

And so I called up the best septic installer in the area and asked him to come out and look at my little site (little kingdom).

And I couldn't get a price quote.

I didn't realize what was going on at the time.

It seems that the little trap I had created for my money was going to be a difficult fix for a septic installer.

You see I am a picky homeowner.

I don't want my trees cut.

And I want all those mountain lauels left right there or IF WE HAVE TO, move them.

And they better not die!

And I want a larger than normal septic system so I can expand my house later.

My list went on and on.

And I couldn't get a quote.

After a few months of back and forth I got frustrated.

And so I decided to go to Raleigh and get certified to do it myself.

After a steep learning curve, I realize now what the price would have been.

If I were quoting my system—given its difficult location and size, the cost would be at least $7000.

And with all the hand digging to save the trees the price could be closer to $10,000.

Its a difficult install.

And that is exactly the type of installations I like.

Save the trees.

Keep the environment as beautiful as possible.

Make it look like the house was put there a hundred years ago.

And the forest has grown around it and accepted the little house as a part of itself.

Just another part of nature where something lives.

Chipmunk in the ground.

Snake under a rock.

Bird in a tree.

Person in a home.

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