Sarratt Septic

Operations Contracts

I offer operations contracts on the following systems:

Low Pressure Pipe (LPP)

Anua Puraflo Peat (formerly Bord na Mona)

Drip Dispersal

Mound Systems

E-Z Treat (in process)


Norweco (training Winter 2020)

If I am not trained in your particular type system, I will go get trained.

I will call you before I come out to examine your system unless we have

made other arrangements.

Summary Report

I give you a brief summary of the services I perform after each visit.

I send you a copy of the information I send to the county.

I note whether your tank needs to be pumped or if it will need to be pumped

in the near future.

If your system is out of compliance I give you a specific heads up about this

before I contact the county.

Note: an out of compliance system has to be reported by me to the county

within 48 hours (its the State's rules).

Out of compliance usually means the water quality samples are not within

an acceptable range.

I am available by phone to explain the report and strategize if you have


Homeowner Education

You are welcome to walk around with me, ask me questions, help me and take pictures or video.
If you are not at home when I do operations, I will come out to your home when you are there at no charge to explain what I do and teach you about your system.

Homeowner Training
Some homeowners want to get trained to do their own operations to save money.  The process involves taking the same course which I took at North Carolina State University and taking the State's subsurface operator exam.  The fees you pay for getting certified as a homeowner-operator will pay off (breakeven) in about two to three years.

I do not mind working with you as an operator and teaching you as I go along.  After you take the exam you are welcome to keep me on contract until you are completely comfortable operating your own system.

My fees for this service run $150 and up per visit.  Most homeowner systems require two to four visits per year.

Larger systems can be several hundred of dollars per visit.  Larger systems can require more than four visits per year.  I follow the State minimums.

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