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Is there any way to rehabilitate my septic systems drainfield?

Quickly?  Probably not.

Slowly?  My best answer is a quote from Pipeline, a publication of West Virginia University.

The rejuvenation process takes about two years and involves naturally occurring organisms, which decompose the clogging mat that has formed and return the absorptive system to near original capacity. (The old drainfield can recover faster if a septic tank pumper can open the field and remove as much of the ponded wastewater as possible.)  After a replacement system has been installed, a homeowner should switch back to the old drainfield after two years, and then switch back and forth between the two systems annually.  This will result in a continuous use and rejuvenation cycle for both drainfields and should prevent future failures. An observation tube in each drainfield may be used to monitor the condition of the drainfields and can help the homeowner determine the frequency of alternating between the two fields.

~ Pipeline – Winter 2005; Vol.16, No.1e, Pg. 2.

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