Sarratt Septic

What areas of the State do you work?

It depends on the type of septic system or service you need:
1) Conventional septic
2) Alternative septic
3) Advanced pre-treatment and engineered systems
4) Operations
5) Consultation (Paid & Free)

The more expensive the service the farther I travel.

For some work I cover the entire State.

Conventional Septic

Conventional septic systems consist of rock and pipe, chambers and pump

tanks.  For these systems I stay
within  two counties of:

Waynesville (Haywood County)

Shelby (Cleveland County)

Washington (Beaufort County)

Alternative Septic Systems

Alternative septic systems include mound systems and fill systems.  I work

the entire state for these systems.

Advanced Pre-treatment & Engineered Septic Systems

Advanced pre-treatment and engineered septic systems include peat

systems and drip dispersal.  I work the entire State for these systems.

Operations Contracts

I perform operations on systems throughout the entire State.

My fees increase with driving time and my fees decrease if I

 have multiple clients in the area.

Consultation--Paid & Free

For paid consultation I go anywhere in the state.

If I am going to get the job I tend to charge less or nothing

for my consultation.

For free consultation I tend to stay within two counties

of my home areas.  To some degree consultation is a normal part of the

process of bidding on a septic job.  I regularly go out and look at a property,

gab with the homeowner and give my opinion. I normally do not

charge for this service.

Sarratt Septic

Serving Western North Carolina

Charlotte & The Foothills

and the Inner & Outer Banks

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