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How close can trees or shrubbery be to my septic tank?

Further is better.

Trees love septage.

They will grow through very small openings to reach this liquid.

Septage is like crack cocaine for a tree.

Overtime a tree's roots add on cell layers in the process of growing longer

and larger in diameter.

The slow addition of cell layers will crack concrete and even stone.

Eventually, if your tank is too close to a tree, the tree will find it and break

the tank.

How close is exactly too close?

I would start with at least ten feet beyond the tree's (or shrub's) drip line. 

And to be safe, further is better.

In other words, draw a line straight down to the ground from the nearest

tree's leaf.  That point on the ground should be at least ten feet from your

septic tank.

You should also do the same thing for your drainfield.  Keep any

trees or shrubbery at least ten feet from the outer edge of your

drainfield--that is, thirteen feet from the exact center from any part of your

of your drainfield lines.

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