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If I decide to hire a septic installer, can I do any of the work on the system

without the installer


I wondered this myself as I have seen septic contractors allow

non-employees to work when they were not present.

To clarify the discrepancy, I contacted the North Carolina Wastewater

Contractor & Inspectors Certification Board (the septic board) with the

following email:


I hope this finds you well.

I have a few questions I hope you can shed light on.  These have come up on potential installations and I didn't know how to answer the homeowner.

When I hire a subcontractor (not a W-2 employee) I must be present when they are doing work but,....

1) Can a homeowner work on their own system when I am not present?  I have a person asking me about doing this to offset some of the costs of the installation.  This is for a hand dug septic system using large diameter pipe (LDP) on the side of a mountain in Western North Carolina.

I will layout the system and get them started.  Then they want to dig the trenches and do as much other work as they can.  When I come back I will make sure the layout is correct and check the depths and drop in the LDP.  I will be available by phone answer any questions they have along the way.

I'm not comfortable just cutting them loose, but with marker flags and depth indicators and a few photos back and forth during the job I'm willing to work with them.

Your thoughts.

I don't have an investment either way as to what is acceptable to the board.  It is what it is.

Thanks for your help.



You can't take the system components separately and have someone else that is not certified to do one or more components.   The entire system and work needs to he done by certified person or employees.


So, the reason I even asked this of the board is two instances where pump systems were installed on a mountainside and the leachfield had to be hand dug.

The septic contractors were not present for much of the hand digging.

The homeowners and their friends and family dug the lines.

I don't know if the County (Jackson) was privy to what was occurring or if

the contractor just did this on their own.

The people were honestly pretty open about what they were doing.

My septic certification allows me to earn a good living working for myself.

So, I play by the rules.

It is what it is.

What I can do is add you as crew for some of the work to offset some of the

cost, but I must be present the entire time.

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