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Eric Robert Sarratt
I am a North Carolina certified grade IV septic installer, pre-home sales inspector and a subsurface operator.  By trade I am also a State licensed mental health and substance abuse counselor.  When people humorously note the differing professions I tell them, "I can help people deal with their shit on multiple levels". This has been an interesting journey.

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North Carolina Septic Installer Grade Level Descriptions

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Septic Credentials

Grade Level IV Certified Septic Installer
: #4863
Pre-Sales Inspector: #4863I
North Carolina Onsite Wastewater Contractor Inspector Certification Board

Subsurface Wastewater Operator: #1007963
Water Pollution Control Systems Operator Certification Commission

Industry Certifications & Approvals
Certified Cultec Septic Installer
Certified Infiltrator Installer
Certified Presby Advanced Enviro-Septic Installer
Certified Operator Anua Puraflo Peat (Formerly Bord Na Mona Puraflo)

Non-Septic Professional Credentials
Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC): #4734
Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPCS): #S4734
North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors

Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist (LCAS): #
Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS): #473
North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board

I have a private psychotherapy practice counseling adolescents and adults with mental health and substance abuse disorders.
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Sarratt Septic
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