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Areas of Work

What are your specialties?


Can I install my own septic

system in North Carolina?

Can I help you install my

septic system to offset the costs?

If I decide to hire a septic

installer, can I do any of the

work without the

installer present?

What is the price of a septic installation

for a 3-bedroom mobile home?

How close can trees or shrubbery

be to my septic tank?

What is the best way to stop erosion from

rain on a new septic installation

on the side of a mountain?


What is the difference between a

drainfield and a leachfield?

My drainfield had water surfacing.  My renters took me to court for not fixing it.  When the county official....

Using a Shared Septic System Dictated By Easement

I have an old house on 3 acres of land.
The county did not take much time exploring the property with me....

Will you train me to do operations on my own advanced treatment system?  Yes, see this page and scroll down.

My operations person shows up unannounced.  My operations person does
not give me an explanation of services.  My operations person has never spoken to me about my septic system.  I don't know when the tank was last pumped.  I do not know my operators name (off the top of my head).  All I get is a bill twice a year.

Drainfield Repair

Is there any way to

rehabilitate my septic

systems drainfield?

Will jetting my septic

system's lines rehabilitate

my drainfield?

Septic Tank Pumping

How often should I pump

my septic tank?

How do I maximize the length of time between pump-outs?

Septic Pump Tanks

How do you troubleshoot a

pump (septic pump tank)?

Septic Tank Repair

Can concrete septic tanks

be repaired?

Can fiberglass septic tanks

(including peat tanks) be repaired?

Can a metal septic tank be repaired?

Distribution Box

What is a distribution box?

Do I have a distribution box


How do I find my

distribution box?

How often should I perform

maintenance on my

distribution box?

My tipping distribution box

story (in process)....

Design & Construction

My Thoughts On Septic

Tank Filter Design & Accessibility

My Thoughts On Septic Tank Filters

Flood Events

Looking After Your Septic

System Following Heavy Rains,

Tropical Storms & Hurricanes

I was told my septic tank
flooded.  What does that mean?

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